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  • CPHI China Stand T3B18 on December 16-18, 2021 in Shanghai

         Our mission is to improve people's life by developing & manufacturing the quality bioactive ingredients & molecules and CMO/CDMO solutions for global nutraceutical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical industries.
          Through our " Development Plantform of Bioactive Molecules & Ingredients from Globle Medicinal Plants", we are building the large Natural Product Library for Drug Discovery and optimizing the newest drug discovery technologies.
         Through our modern & smart non-GMP and GMP guideline factories, we manufacture the high quality key ingredients & molecules, intermediates and APIs in large quantity at low cost, serving our clients' both quality and budget demand.  
    New Services |
    We offer Custom Research, Custom Synthesis,
    Custom Isolation & Extraction Service upon your request

    Please Contact us When

    1.You are looking for new ingredients which are not commercially available in the market.

    2.You have quality or service problems with your existing suppliers.

    3.You are looking for further discounting price to satisfy your end customers.

    •     Phone: 86-2885159085
    •     Fax: 86-28-85159085 Ex 604
    •     Mail:info@aktinchem.com
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